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England Hetalia Wallpaper :iconkuroyuki888:Kuroyuki888 2 0 Italy in KagePro! :iconkuroyuki888:Kuroyuki888 1 1 Page 6 :iconkuroyuki888:Kuroyuki888 1 1 Page 5 :iconkuroyuki888:Kuroyuki888 0 0 Page 4 :iconkuroyuki888:Kuroyuki888 0 1 USUK School Doujinshi Page 3 :iconkuroyuki888:Kuroyuki888 1 0 USUK School Doujinshi Page 2 :iconkuroyuki888:Kuroyuki888 1 0 USUK School Doujinshi Page 1 :iconkuroyuki888:Kuroyuki888 3 0


[APHSIMDATE] Sono Natsu no Hi V.1 :icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 239 111
Hetalia X Neko Reader Pt1
Hetalia X Neko Reader
Take Me Home
A man is walking around a pet store. He is doing an inventory check and making sure everything is where it’s supposed to be. He looks up when the bell above the door rings. A group of men walk through the door. Soon after they split up to look around the store. The man is about to return to the counter when he feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns around to see a tall man with slicked back blond hair and blue eyes.
“How may I help you” the man asks
“Do jou have any pets for adoption” the blond asks
The man smiles and nods. He leads the man to the animal cages. He takes note that all the others follow as well. The men look around at the many different kinds of animals. They are all divided by breed. The man walks to the mid-section and pulls a set of key from his pocket. He takes one of the keys and unlocks one of the cages. He puts the keys back in his pocket and carefully reaches inside. He slowly pulls out a (fur/color)
:iconkittykatrocks12:kittykatrocks12 591 139
F.A.C.E x Reader: Just My Luck Pt 1
This is a sequel to "F.A.C.E: A Little Problem" & "F.A.C.E: Hidden Secrets" If you haven't read those yet please do so you know the back story. Thank you and please enjoy ^^
“Shoot!” You cursed under your breath as you dropped the last half of your (favorite hot drink) that you bought from the corner café. You rolled your eyes when a taxi drove by splashing you from a puddle left by the rain of that morning. You groaned looking down at your now wet clothing. “Really?” You shivered at the cold winds blowing. You just wanted to get home at this point. You turned stepping off the sidewalk as your right foot stepped into another puddle soaking your sock and shoe. You shook your head wishing this day was over when you felt cold liquid hit the top of your head socking into your (h/c) hair. You looked up seeing freezing cold water falling from the sky as you saw the rain falling harder into a down pour. You reached into your bag as you found you left you
:iconmad-mocha:Mad-Mocha 183 88
HetaliaXUnnoticed!Reader- Ch.1
     It was another beautiful sunny day outside as you walked to your bus stop. Mind you, the air was quite chilled, maybe making the weather feel around 30° Fahrenheit, (that's also about -1° Celsius) but you didn't mind at all.
     As you reached your bus stop, you noticed all the other teens conversing joyfully with each other, not one even bothering to turn there head to acknowledge you, but it didn't exactly bother you anymore. You had gotten use the lack of attention.
     Ever since you had started high school, no, ever since you had started junior high you had started falling back in popularity. But once you had started your first year of high school, which started a few months ago, people just stopped talking to you. In reality, you only had one good friend, but she wasn't even at the bus stop yet.
     You took out your phone an
:iconbluestarrfire:BlueStarrfire 391 111
F.A.C.E x Reader: Just My Luck Pt 12 (Final)
“How do you know my name?” You asked looking at the lady. She stood a few feet away in a dark dress that reached the ground with dark black hair that was almost blue. Her eyes were a deep purple that stare into your soul.
“I know a lot about you my dear.” She smiled looking at you. “You moved into a house where you didn’t even sleep in the first night you lived there. You live with four guys that you moved in with after a few weeks of knowing the. You don’t trust muffins anymore since your accident that sent you to the hospital. You fear that the 2Ps will return to finish you off.”
“Wait,” You looked at her as she stopped. “You know about the 2Ps.” You stared at her. “Are you a 2P?”
“Not exactly.” She smiled. “I do know them though.” She chuckled. “You don’t recognize me do you?” You shook your head as she extended her arms out on either side as her body started
:iconmad-mocha:Mad-Mocha 146 152
Otome Hetalia: Norway :iconohmhaigosh:OhMhaiGosh 271 113 Jade. :iconalgo448:algo448 2 0 Fairy Tail Shimeji-Natsu DOWNLOAD!! :D :iconmysticshonu:MysticShonu 417 123
Axis x Country!Reader x Allies: I'M A CAT!
"Guys look at me!" you said to the Axis and Allies. "I'm a cat!"
The countries blushed. You were wearing a black cat ear headband thingy and a black tail. You twirled around and struck a pose.
None of them spoke until Japan broke the silence. "KAWAII DESU!" he yelled in a cracked voice.
"(C/n) is so cute!" China clapped his hands and smiled.
"I'm a cat!" you crawled over to England, who was trying to read a book. "Give me some kibble!"
"Kibble is for dogs, (C/n)," England said averting his eyes away from you.
You crawled up his lap. "Don't be like that~ GIMME KIBBLE!"
Japan was having a nosebleed with America and France while the rest were blushing.
You jumped on top of Germany. "Meow~"
"(C-C/n)..." he weakly said. "You are so cute...."
"Of course I am! I'm sugoi!" you jumped off Germany and slapped France for no reason.
"(C/n), you didn't take anything weird did you?" Russia asked.
"No, I'm fine. I'm just acting like a cat. A KAWAII CAT," you licked the back of your hand and stared at
:icongemiri:Gemiri 474 416
APH: Spamano Mochis :iconkiwisses:KiwisSes 471 113


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